Monday, April 26, 2010

The Times They Are a Changing

When I started this blog almost 7 months ago, I thought the primary focus would be on my healing journey from childhood sexual abuse. There is no doubt that it has been used for that, but it's been used for so much more! Thanks to everyone who reads.

Now the apology. It was pointed out to me today that I have not posted in a MONTH! This was not an intentional hiatus, but one enforced by my dd's needs. In January dd was diagnosed with a chemical disorder that has required some medication juggling. Thankfully she had already decided to take a semester off from college, and had applied to a treatment program. As we waited for her acceptance to be approved, dd had a harder and harder time dealing with the disorder and the prospects of leaving home for treatment.

Last week I drove dd to the treatment program. Wonderful people, beautiful place, great program. I am so happy that she is there where they can help her develop better skills for dealing with the imbalance. She wanted desperately to go even though she was hesitant. Now she's not so sure. It's funny how easy it is to get caught up in "the grass is always greener" mentality. I pointed this out to her when I talked with her yesterday. Not being one to throw around cliches, I couldn't help but think of the old saw, "Bloom where you're planted". It's trite but true.

Whatever our struggles are (and we all have them), they are all easier to handle if we develop a more positive attitude. Not a pie in the sky mentality that claims we have no problems, but a realistic view that recognizes the benefit of the glass half full approach to life.

So for today I have a favor to ask. Pray that my daughter will take the opportunity to do some growing up; learn about personal responsibility; improve her attitude; learn more gratitude; and really learn about leaning on God. I can't do it for her, and I wouldn't if I could, but I sure hope she learns to appreciate the gift she's being given right now.

Peace and blessings to all!

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  1. Thank you for posting, Mel!! I will keep dd in my prayers. Hope that the treatment will help to bring some positive changes to her life. Love you.


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