Friday, October 2, 2015

Family and Healing [day 2]

The first place I looked for healing was my family. What I found out was family can mean a lot of different things.

When I was first diagnosed my therapist wanted to get my blood family in to help me out as quickly as possible (they are not the abusers). I was terrified of the idea, but he assured me they would be a wonderful resource. 

He was wrong. 

Later he apologized to me. He'd made a bad assumption and I had been re-injured by it. 

Once I began to recover from that, I also began to realize that I had the opportunity to create my own family -- people that were there for me and would care for me in a way that supported my healing. I also accepted that I'd have to walk away from my blood family (some permanently, others just for awhile) to fully heal.

My new family is made up of my husband and children. My friends, some I've known all my life and some who are relatively new. My therapists became extended family members. And even my pets took on a special role in my healing family.

I also returned to my love of stuffed animals and incorporated some new "furries" into my family, most notably Yolie and Chai. I have a small crib in my bedroom filled with all the guys who've helped me out on this journey. It used to embarrass me, now I just want everyone to have a furry friend.

Family IS important to healing. Just don't limit your concept.

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  1. Family is indeed important to healing.

  2. I have found that I didn't grow up in a healthy family but I am through the grace of God and a wonderful husband, enabling my children to grow up in a loving, gracefilled family.

  3. So thankful He allows us the opportunity of making family bonds with others who are not blood. I have been blessed beyond measure and He has used many non blood family members in my life for healing as well! The body of Christ is a beautiful thing!

  4. My husband and I both have very dysfunctional aspects to our biological families, and I love how you describe the family together, not necessarily the ones you share DNA with.

  5. Family is made up of so many different persons in our lives; and one person's family does not necessarily look the same as another's! Family IS important to healing and moving on from whatever our circumstances may be.

    Thank you for sharing your story, Melanie!

  6. "...but don't limit your concept." <-- this! Yes and Amen!

  7. I believe some are going to be set free from your series, Melanie!


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