Monday, October 3, 2016

Finding Routine in the Mundane

I have no routine right now. That is neither good nor bad. Just different. 

I have a love-hate relationship with routine. When it's working for me I love it; when it's not I hate it. Maybe that's a truism. 

This morning I woke up at more or less my usual time. I got up and had my tea, puttered a bit, handled a few phone calls, finally ate some breakfast, and made a list of things to attempt accomplishing today.

My best friend reminded to find "small victories". I had a nice rambling chat with my daughter. I organized the laundry closet and did some laundry. I talked with my son's girlfriend (how nice that she stopped by to pick up some stuff and made time to talk!).

I paid some bills and organized some paperwork. Answered a few emails. Checked Facebook and the news. 

All of these mundane bits and pieces did something unexpected for me -- I found myself. I felt a little like Sabrina in the movie of the same name, except of course she "found" herself in Paris. Somehow it's fitting for me that I found myself in the routine, mundane activities, because in truth that is who I am. I'm not interested in flashy events and behaviors. I'm not belittling myself here. Quite the contrary, I enjoy my mundane routine. 

So those are my ramblings for today. Nothing exceptional or amazing, except that finding myself felt pretty exceptional to me!

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  1. :). I see you're a Longaberger gal, too! Thanks for sharing a slice of your life with us! I could use a day with puttering and organizing!


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