Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Discoveries

I've lost something this summer. Usually I bounce back from my late spring/early summer blues by this time. It's just not happening this year, and frankly it's beginning to worry me. 

I said something to my daughter about it yesterday, and she reminded me not to feel obligated to explain it. It is what it is. But I can't quite shake that old feeling that if I were a good Christian I wouldn't be feeling this way. 

And that's when I stopped and made a mental list --
:: summer is rife with bad memories for me
:: dh is in grad school and working full time leaving him precious little time for relaxing with me
:: I have 2 friends who are dying of cancer -- imminently 
:: my allergies/asthma are making it practically impossible to enjoy being outside, so no swimming so far this year
:: and not to over share, but I'm going through "the change"

So this morning I'm looking at that list and making a new list. A shorter to-do list that includes some fun stuff for me and a lot more kindness for feeling tired and overheated and a bit breathless this summer. 

Instead of viewing something as lost, I think I'll focus on discovering something new about summer and me.

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  1. {{{Melanie}}} My Bible reading for today was from James 1:2-6 which was a good reminder that all those broken difficult times develop character traits in us that take us from being a good Christian to a real Christian who can more genuinely minister to others in this broken world we live in. (whew, that was a long sentence, wasn't in?!) So be encouraged and don't feel you have to rush through this season. Discover the new step by step!

    Tammy ~@~ 5MF

  2. A counselor once told me that we all go through "seasons" and that we need to learn to appreciate the season we are in. I always assumed my "season" matched nature's, but that's not necessarily true. Just know that seasons do pass -- try to enjoy the one you are in. Love you!

  3. Great that you've committed to finding the positive xx


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