Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Fun

List 7 things I’d rather be doing this summer --

#1 -- Cruise the Greek Isles on a private yacht with John Stamos as my tour guide

#2 -- Visit New Zealand and tour the Hobbit house

#3 -- Have a housekeeper who handles all the planning, shopping, errands, bill paying, checkbook balancing, and housekeeping chores

#4 -- Have a total make over done: new hair, nails, makeup, wardrobe. The works!

#5 -- Engage a private masseuse to come to my house at least once a week for a minimum 1 hour massage

#6 -- Join a book club and read a book a week

#7 -- Surprise a total stranger with a gift or experience that will make their day

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  1. I didn't find one item to argue over, so consider me on board with your plan as well! If only!

  2. I totally agree with May. You can send your housekeeper and masseuse on over to my house when they're finished at yours :) stopping by from mama Kat's you can find me at

  3. Great list! I'd definitely take #3 and #5!!

  4. Can't argue with anything on your list! Stopping by from Mama Kat's!

  5. You can find me at Mama Sick at !


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