Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY . . . December 30, 2014

Outside my window . . . it is SUNNY! Finally after weeks of gray, drab days we have a nearly cloudless sky. Yes it's cold, but it is December after all.

I am thinking . . . that I am ready for everyone to get back into their normal routines. Why is it so difficult for me to go about my routines when their routines are off kilter?

I am thankful . . . that everyone in the house seems to be feeling better.

In the kitchen . . . Ham and Bean Soup. Yesterday I simmered the Honey Baked hambone to make broth and get all the yummy bits of ham off of it. Today I will make the soup and we will have a wonderful dinner tonight and for a few days to come. Oh and an apple pie on the spur of the moment at DH's request. (We were given an apple pie that wasn't very good at all, so he wanted one of mine!)

I am wearing . . . my t-shirt from The Well and my flannel robe and faux Crocs.

I am creating . . . my beautiful afghan (this pattern from Attic 24, and a lovely set of DK yarn from Stylecraft). I've got 93 rows completed which is (hopefully) 18,600 stitches. Whew!

I am going . . . to make breakfast RITI today. I'm making a Treasure Toffee Coffee Cake and Cheese Muffins. Breakfast has to be something they can take and eat, and I always try to include protein along with something sweet.

I am wondering . . . about some rearranging in the house. Not sure how to accommodate some hobbies.

I am reading . . . The Rule of Four by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason. I read this when it first came out (2004), but I was caught up in healing then, so I'd like to reread it now. I'm really enjoying it, but find that I need a pen and paper to jot down notes. That way I can go to the computer later and look up references I am not familiar with. I read a fascinating passage last night about Old Testament translation issues that I want to read more about.

I am looking forward to . . . the return of routine! Are you sensing a theme here?

I am hearing . . . quiet right now, but DH is home and chatting at me even though he knows I'm trying to write.

Around the house . . . it's time to take down all the decorations and return the house to its usual state.

I am praying . . . an adoptive family that is struggling right now. Parenting is difficult at times, but more so when there is past trauma to deal with, and people are quick to offer advice and solutions that aren't appropriate in those situations. I am praying for more healing and less judgment by outsiders.

One of my favorite things . . . is a really good movie. DH and I watched The Station Agent again last night. I had forgotten about this little gem of a movie. 

A few plans for the rest of the week . . . errands, RITI, therapy, chiropractor, and a weekend get away with the extended family to Pickett State Park.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing . . .
a shot of the lake from my walk with DH last week

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  1. I love this "being present" thing! I'm usually not a very "present" person because I'm so "in my head!"

  2. What a great list! My aunt made ham and bean soup the other day. It was yummy!


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