Tuesday, August 11, 2015

{Who Am I? I Am . . . }

I spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about whether or not I am using my time wisely. Am I doing the things I am "supposed" to be doing? Am I making good use of time? Will others be judgmental of how I choose to use my time? Am I lazy? UnChristian? Selfish?

See how it spirals out of control?

Lately I've been trying to look at my time and life. I've been making choices and working hard to quiet those critics in my head. "We are human beings, not human doings." That's the refrain that keeps sounding in my thoughts when I can slow them down enough to listen.

I was raised in a works oriented religious tradition. The more you do, the better a Christian you are, and the more secure was your salvation. So it wasn't Christ and grace which saved me, but rather my acceptance of Him AND how hard I worked to prove that I was saved.

Add childhood sexual abuse to that mix and you have a potent cocktail for constant self-doubt and panic. How can I trust myself under those circumstances?

So who am I, really? 

:: I am kind

:: I am compassionate

:: I am intelligent

:: I am introverted

:: I am meditative

:: I am creative

These are not the kinds of attributes that American culture values much these days. I am surrounded by people who seem to find their value in how busy they are. How much they have to get done. How pressed they are for time. 

I live with an extrovert who thrives on activity and interaction with people. How we wound up together only God knows. Our children are grown (one out of the nest, and the other well on his way out). I'm looking forward to a quiet, slower pace. My husband is worried about what we'll do. 

I don't feel any need to fill my days with activity. I find myself contemplating what life on the plains looked like for women. Yes, their work was much more intensive than mine, but it also seems people were more accepting of sitting and thinking. Of reading and listening. Of chatting with friends and family, not to save the world, but to enjoy being in one another's presence. 

And that is who I am. I move at a slower pace because I enjoy it. I savor instead of rushing, because I'd rather remember the details than have a plethora of moments that I can't recall.

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  1. Loved reading about "Who" you are! We have much in common - although we are full empty nesters and enjoying the time - I too am an introvert married to an extrovert and truly believ God has a sense of humor when I look at my hubby and I together - But He knew all along who I needed to encourage me along my journey of wholeness here on earth! Thanks for sharing! ~ Dianna

  2. Nice "Who am I?" Well written. I am an empty nester sort of. I live with Dad and my son lives with us. We were all out of the nest at one time.


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