Friday, January 8, 2016


There is the "first" you feel good about and then there is the "first" you wish had never happened. The one you hope will be an "only".

We've all had them. The first kiss, the first birth, the first anniversary. I'm guessing we've all had the other kind as well -- the first wreck, the first fight, the first major illness. 

Last year (2015) had some of that second kind . . . unfortunately. And 2016 has had some already as well. The thing about those "firsts" is they seem scary and daunting until that first one is behind you. We begin to roll with the punches pretty quickly, for good or bad.

None of us knows what this year will bring. That's the good news/bad news of the future. What we do know is that God is with us in all things. He will guide us and sustain us if we allow Him to. We are the only things that keep God from being the centerpiece -- our touchstone. 

I don't know what other firsts may show up this year. God is the original miracle worker. What I do know is whatever "firsts" He has in store for me, He will use to bring me closer to Him if I will let him.


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  1. Hoping those unpleasant "firsts" are quickly redeemed. Love that whatever the firsts - good, bad, messy, in between, God is with us on this journey! (visiting from FMF)

  2. I so loved this... that you can hold both together, to the joyful and the hard. Love!

  3. I know those unpleasant "firsts" can be so difficult. I hope that 2016 holds some wonderful "firsts" for you as well!

  4. We were thinking a lot along the same lines today. Visiting from FMF where I'm in the #6 spot.

  5. I hope and pray the negative "firsts" are short-lived. xo

  6. I love how the Lord uses whatever adversity comes our way to bring us closer to Him. Oh the lessons we learn through our negative, difficult "firsts". Although sometimes they are just plain awful to go through, I look forward to seeing those treasures in the darkness that He reveals through it all! Praying for that over your life and circumstances! Blessings!


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