Sunday, December 13, 2009

Random Thoughts

The last couple of weeks haven't been my best. I know I should feel gratitude, but there's been a lot of bad stuff going around and it's hard not to get dragged down by it. This morning as I was reading ML's note on crankiness (and smiling) it occurred to me that I should tell some of you how I feel. So here goes!

MaryLou -- Thanks for lovely and funny and intelligent Notes to make me smile, think, breathe and remember. I am so glad you are back in my life!

Lori S. -- Thanks for animal updates and reminders that you liked me, didn't just put up with me. I am so glad you are back in my life!

Lori J. -- What an inspiration you are to me! Always so happy, upbeat and caring. Thanks for coming into my life in a bigger way.

John H. -- I always considered you a good friend, but the latest connections on FB have proved what a great guy you are and what an enduring relationship this is. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Chris H. -- Thanks for dry, acerbic wit and intelligence. And for liking my kids. You're a treasure!

Linda B. -- You've always been there even when I thought you weren't. Thanks for being one of the few people I can say anything to. I know you've put up with a lot and maybe not gotten much in return. You are the sister I was meant to have.

Caroline -- Years ago I was impressed with you and wanted to be you. Now I am just so happy you are still a part of my life. What a blessing you are and how cool is it the my husband thinks you're the best too!

Keith -- The brother I should have had. My friend, my biggest cheerleader, my singing buddy. You are the best even when you don't know it. I love you and always will!

Mark P. -- For hilarious stories about totally random things. How is it I never appreciated you fully in college?!

So after a week of family illnesses, sad stories of terrible loss in families, cold weather with NO snow, some chronic pain and a really messy house, thanks from the bottom of my heart for caring about me and listening to me whine! Don't ever stop.
: )


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