Friday, July 16, 2010

Meet My Friend, Yolie

Today's Feel Good Friday is a picture of one of my "best friends".

This is Yolie. Yolie is a bunny who used to live at The Discovery Store, but on the day we met, she decided to come home and live with me. My life as been so much better since Yolie came to stay. 

Yolie has been on many trips with my dh and me -- San Diego (even to the zoo!), New York (to the top of the Empire State bldg.), Gatlinburg (hiking), Georgia, Destin (although she's not a beach bunny), and to Austria! She loves to travel.

Yolie is named after Jane Yolen. Ms Yolen is a fine children's writer who has done much "research" on the world of fairies. Yolie has an affinity for fairies, hence the name choice.

So that's my Feel Good Friday. Do you have a special friend you share your life with?

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  1. One of my favorite children's books is "Owl Moon", by Yolen.

  2. Nice to meet Yolie. I love her color. She blends in beautifully in the forest.

    Have your best day ever.

  3. When I was a baby, my much older brother and sister put a stuffed dog in my crib, I carried that dog everywhere even after the stuffing was all gone and it wasn't more that a piece of fake fur. When I was in an accident in 2001, which left my mostly paralyzed, my brother came to the ICU when I was still really out of it and didn't know my fate, he put another stuffed dog in my bed. Today I share it once in awhile with my grandson, but he always sits in my room somewhere watching over me.

    Thanks for giving me a great memory.


  4. Thanks for sharing! Yolie went to the hospital with me last time I had surgery. Have a great weekend.

  5. What a cute bunny! I love that she loves to travel and is named after a children's book author. How fun! I see you have your MLS! I LOVE children's books as you can see from stopping by my blog:-)


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