Saturday, January 31, 2015


I wait. I wait for the laundry to finish washing. I wait in line to pay for my groceries. I wait for my husband to come from work, and my son to come home from school. I wait for the skies to clear. I wait for sunshine and warmer weather.

I wait for answers. I get partial answers, but they are incomplete. Now fully formed. I wait for clarification, and understanding. I wait with hope that things will continue to improve -- that there will be a resolution that brings peace, contentment, and joy. 

The waiting is easier than it was. I’m feeling supported, and lifted up. I’m doing something good for myself this weekend. And I’m seeing improvements. Not perfection. Not my dreams come true. But I’m seeing changes. A softening as it were.

So I wait, because I trust in Him who never fails; He who knows better than I what I truly need.


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  1. The truth at the end of this post is so true. Trust in Him who never fails. And he does know what we need more than we do. Hope your time of waiting ends soon and you find your answers.

  2. I hear you on the waiting! Glad you're feeling a hope in the waiting; that's the hardest part. (Peony Project) Ashley

  3. Amen! May God continue to sustain you as you wait. It's not easy, but somehow, it's so much easier than waiting without him!


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