Friday, February 27, 2015


I had a visit with myself yesterday. I went for a massage and opened my mind up to a conversation with just me. No input from anyone else. No worrying about the opinions of others. Just me, checking in with myself and God. 

What do I want? What does God want for me and from me? Forget everyone else and all the shoulds and shouldn'ts. As the masseuse worked out the kinks and knots in my muscles, I felt my mind and heart opening up. Putting aside everything else to really look at what I want. And it felt good.

There weren't any epiphanies, but there was peace. True relaxation, and the realization that I need these visits more often (the massage and the conversation). That means more quiet time. Maybe finding a new place to go for a bit of quiet meditation and journaling. 

I'm going to calendar in regular visits with myself. Because I can't follow God if I don't take time to listen for Him. 

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! I completely agree: sometimes we need to take a break from life and re-focus on God. It's easy to let that slide in the rush of everyday busyness, so you're wise to schedule it.

  2. Loved it! We all need to calendar in that time with ourself and HIM!!

  3. Oh yes - the power and importance of self-care! I love this so much!!!

  4. There is most certainly a connection between a relaxed physical body and on open mind to connect you to God; a connectedness to the spiritual that our modern, fast- paced and yes, way too much input world drowns out. I am glad you took the time for yourself to do that. Have you ever tried yoga? It does the same for me as a massage...and cheaper!

  5. What a wonderful idea! I miss living three houses down from a massage therapist friend who had a home business--it was blissful. Introspection and time with God are both wonderful tools for relaxing and getting got know ourselves better!

  6. What a wonderful way to connect both with yourself and your needs AND with God! Good on you for deciding to make this a regular habit :) We all need these moments of self-reflection so we can understand better what we are called to do by Him.


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