Friday, March 20, 2015


Last Saturday I faced some real life.

On Friday night my dog started having trouble breathing. She was 13 years old and had a heart murmur that was progressing to congestive heart failure. I was alone in the house since dh and ds were still out of town on their climbing trip. I texted my daughter (who works for our vet) and she said to bring Yaya in first thing Saturday morning.

We arrived at the clinic and they took Yaya for x-rays. They gave her shots to help ease the situation. Then they started her on oxygen. As I sat holding the oxygen mask for Yaya I began to accept the situation for what is was. I would be going home without her. 

My first thought was, "I don't want this to happen!" But reality kicked in and I had to accept that this is real life. Real life includes loss. 

I began to talk to Yaya, telling it was going to be okay. I told her about the other dogs she would meet on the other side -- what I like to think of as the Elysian Fields. When the vet came in to check on her, I told him I didn't want her to suffer. This wasn't about me. It was all about what was in her best interest. 

We moved her to an exam room, and he gave her a sedative. As my daughter and I stood and loved on Yaya, her breathing relaxed and the panic in her eyes disappeared. We stroked her fur and whispered words of love and encouragement. She slipped away. And we cried. Not for her, but for the realness of her leaving. 

Real live is messy and tough, but it's also full of wonder and love and affection. 

RIP in Yaya.

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  1. Oh, these "real life" decisions are so darn hard. My heart is with you, sister, I feel your pain and sadness over losing Yaya. As they say, "been there, done that." HARD. xo

  2. So sorry about Yaya. I don't think heaven will be heaven without my pets. They get old and frail but you still see that puppy or young dog you loved. Peace be with you.

  3. Oh my friend - so sorry for your loss! She looks like she was such a sweetie and it's amazing how our pets become our family... I love that you honored her and what was best for her above your own wants. Praying for you!

  4. Oh, I'm so sorry.....could relate to your line "Reality kicked in, this is real life"......sometimes, however bad things are, we need to realise that we've just got to accept and make it through {A FMF friend}

  5. So sorry this has been your week. Be gentle with yourself as you absorb this loss. Take care.

  6. So sorry for your loss. Amazing how attached we can get to pets too. They love us without holding back.

  7. I'm truly sorry for your loss. She looks like she was such a sweet precious dog. I hope you will feel the Father's love and comfort as you mourn for your dog.

  8. I genuinely am sorry for your loss. Loss is hard and real. Praying the Lord sends you something greater than you could imagine to fill the void she left. I know your heart hurts.

    Abba I ask that your sweet Holy Spirit would comfort this precious lady as she walks through a real life hard tough and messy loss. Giver her joy in the morning and renew her strength.

    ~ Amen

  9. Melanie, so sorry for your loss. Hope you will feel comfort and peace in the days ahead.


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