Monday, December 24, 2012

Ode to Christmas

(guest post by DH aka Alan Pennington)

Ode to Christmas

It was the day before Christmas
Sam in his bed,
Melanie coughs up a lung,
And Claire baking bread.

The Y was half empty,
A chin up, a sit up,
A squat and a lung,
Not too much work out but still had some fun.

Sam made the pumpkin bread,
Already half gone,
Claire made the sour dough,
Not quite ready, but it won't be long.

The packages are half wrapped,
The house is a wreck,
Clothes are all dirty,
Except for my sweats.

Though tattered and scattered, our lives may be,
I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be.
My son and my daughter, getting along,
And Melanie, though groggy is coming around.

Santa oh Santa,
On this Christmas eve,
Help us remember,
Help us believe.

Christ in the manger,
Mary so calm,
The stars watching over,
The savior has come.

Lord lift my heart,
Draw us all tight,
Share with us joy,
And if is not too much trouble, could you heal my wife.

Merry x-mas all!!!


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