Monday, December 10, 2012

:: right now ::

Right now I am . . . 

:: seeing the rain and clouds lingered from overnight.

:: remembering the sun on my face as we rode the air-boat across the clear water.

:: smiling at the joy my husband found while we were in Florida.

:: marveling at the wonder, awe, and majesty of God's creations.

:: laughing as I remember finding this book in an antique store, especially the page headed "Everyday Errors in Room Arrangement" from 1933.

:: happy to be back home with my tree and both kids home from college.

:: looking forward to using my new sewing/crafting basket from SERRV.

:: relishing these oranges bought to support a local school. So delicious, and a nice reminder of Florida, and holidays from my childhood.

:: focusing on some good thoughts I've read/heard lately:

There's no reason to race. In fact, there's every reason not to. -- SouleMama

. . . so much of it is just noise and all that really counts are relationships. Finding your own truth. Putting your hand on your heart and following it. Life's short. And chaotic and blissful and changeable and inspiring and too much fun to miss. Hand on heart. Follow it. -- inner pickle

Advent is the season of deep waiting. -- Josh Graves


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