Friday, January 25, 2013


it rolls over me like a wave, this lethargy.
it shocks me with its intensity, this anxiety.
how can they both exist simultaneously? how can i be exhausted and innervated at one time?
"you are strong, courageous, brave, and spiritual. you are suffering." 
can one person be all those things at one time?
he says, "pray without ceasing. just keep praying."
she says, "breathe. keep doing the relaxation breathing."
how do i accomplish the myriad of other responsibilities when expending all this energy just remembering to breathe?

abuse is incessant. it never really ceases. it simply changes format.

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  1. Deeeeeeeeeeeep! Visitng from FMF

  2. A powerful description... reminding me that negative emotions are not necessarily exclusive.
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  3. And yet you've made it this far. Great job showing this complex emotional spot.


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