Friday, January 11, 2013


I don't dive. Not at the pool. Not in real life. I don't dive into anything. I contemplate, investigative, cogitate, dip my toes in, and maybe, maybe slip into something.

Except scuba diving. My husband's been diving for nearly 30 years. When he suggested I learn to dive for our 25th anniversary, I was hesitant, afraid, worried, but I did it. I told him I'd take the Discover Scuba class at the local dive shop. And I did. After that I told him I'd take the Open Water Certification course. And I did. After that I agreed to go to Mexico to finish my pool work and start my open water certification dives. And I did. It took 2 trips to Mexico to finish those open water dives, but I did. I even did the "Jacques Cousteau" flip off the boat on the very first try!

So why can I dive into scuba? I don't really know, except that it was something so important to my husband. He's been so supportive of me over the past years of healing. He's worked hard to understand my fears and anxieties, and given me so much time to heal -- I just had to do this for him. 

And somehow in learning to scuba dive, I learned how to dive into a few more things.

So dive.

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  1. I am totally intrigued by what else you dived into this year! So great that you and your husband do this together!

  2. Loved how you started this... love how you risked trying something new (and maybe a little scary) for your guy!

  3. How awesome that your husband is such an encouragement to you. Mine does the same thing and I feel like I can take on nearly anything because I know he has my back. Great for you that you started diving!


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