Friday, April 25, 2014


They come in all shapes and sizes. I find them in the most unexpected places. They brighten my days and help keep me centered. They provide me with opportunities to get outside of myself in ways I would never imagine.

Over the years I've made friends through school, my kids, Bible study, seminars, part-time jobs, even the lady who cleaned my house for awhile. The young woman who cuts my hair is probably my newest friend. I've known her for about 4 months now, but she knows more about me than some people I've known all my life! And we have a lot in common.

Friends are more than acquaintances. They're the people you feel comfortable with. The ones who know the dirt and stick around anyway. They're the ones you know you can call on when things are fabulous and when things are in the toilet.

So here's to friends. May we have them, be them, share them, and raise them. Because when all is said and done they are God's hands and feet on this earth.

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