Monday, April 7, 2014

Quick and Easy Summer Slaw

I've been trying to find ways to get more veggies into my diet, as well as healthy nuts and seeds. Recently I've discovered that I like slaw if it's not drowning in a cream (mayo) based dressing. So I've been experimenting. As always working from what I have already in the house, I piddle around until I came up with something we all like . . . a lot!

1 bag (5 cups) tri-color slaw mix
1 bag (12 oz.) broccoli slaw mix
1 cup Panera Poppyseed dressing (available at local grocery stores)
1 cup Archer Farms Sunny Cranberry trail mix

Stir all ingredients together in a large bowl. Cover and refrigerate. Serve when chilled.

Presumably this should make around 8 servings, but I don't think we get that many given the way my husband and daughter go after it. 

The nice thing about this recipe is you can play around with it and substitute any combination of veggies, dressings, and trail mix (just make sure there's no chocolate involved!).

Happy eating!

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