Friday, August 29, 2014


Reach for the stars they say. Reach for the moon. How about if I just reach for enough?

Who defines "enough"? When have I reached far enough? When can I stop reaching?

I'm tired, and more than a little done in by this week, but all I can seem to focus on is all the stuff I haven't done. All the stuff someone else thinks I should have done.

It's difficult when I can't make everyone happy or impressed with my accomplishments. I think I want their validation because I don't trust my own. I keep reaching waiting for someone to tell me I'm good enough, but the reality is even when that someone comes along and says it, I don't believe them, or at least not for long.

I think about all that reaching. All that need for hole filling. I change my reach. 

I reach for God instead. I forget all the time that His validation is all I need. That His love is the only thing I need to reach for.

By reaching for God I surpass the stars.

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  1. I love this! So relatable, especially this week. Thank you so much for sharing:)
    From Kate Motaung's FMF

  2. We are often our own critic, aren't we? It is something that I am learning too - and that it is okay if something is not 100% all of the time.
    (visiting from FMF)

  3. Sounds like your speaking with my voice. I feel that, too. Im trying to reach to God first, before the others. From a FMF friend.

  4. "By reaching for God I surpass the stars!" Oh, goosebumps! I have always had a need for others to affirm and fill the vacuous spaces in me left by scars from abuses. I know to reach for God but now I will hear your words and reach with a smile on my face. Thanks for posting today. Visiting from FMF.


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