Friday, August 8, 2014

:: fill

I make stacks of clothes and toiletries to fill my suitcase. I fill my carry-on bag with my computer and books and Kindle. 

I fill my belly with food and my hands with crafting supplies.

I fill my mind with stories and movies and documentaries and music.

But what do I fill my heart with? Are those stories and books and movies what I my heart longs for? 

Not really. 

My heart longs to be filled with Spirit. With connection. With affirmation. With love. 

As I head out tomorrow on a new adventure to a new place, what do I want that adventure to be filled with most of all? 

Peace, contentment, joy, and love. Anything else is just icing on my cake of life.

Oh, Lord, as I leave on this adventure I pray for Your guiding hand. For Your protection. Mostly I pray for an open heart to be filled with what You have in store for me. Fill me up!

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