Thursday, September 4, 2014

August's Lesson

I could say I learned how much I worry, but that's not really true, because I know I'm a worrier. 

I could say I learned that I like sweets, A LOT, but that's not really news either.

So what did I learn last month?  That's hard.

Maybe it seems hard because I don't like the word "learned" as it seems to imply that I have acquired lasting knowledge and mastered something new. If that is indeed the definition, then I don't "learn" much at all, because it seems I keep learning the same things over and over again.

Perhaps I will say I was reminded. That seems better to me. 

So what was I reminded of last month?

1. That asking for help is good thing.
I was worried (see above) about our scuba trip. Worried that I'd have trouble with my ear again, so I went to the allergist and got checked out and she provided me with some advice. It worked! No ear trouble on the trip. I asked. I received. It made things better. Perhaps I should apply this in other areas of my life?

2. That worrying about what might happen won't change the actual outcome. It only sucks joy and energy from the now.
We had a really good time diving and I was reminded of how much I love it and how capable I am. All that worrying was just a waste of time.

3. I do like coffee. 
Okay, this one has nothing to do with worrying, but I was reminded that Starbucks isn't the only coffee in town, and you don't have to burn your coffee if you don't want to. I tasted some coffee the other day at The Fresh Market. It's their "Summer Breeze" with hints of apricot and fresh cream, and it is yummy. Admittedly, I do prefer more of a cafe au latte with milk and sugar, but it's a nice variation on my morning cup of tea.

So there it is. What I was reminded of last month. (Yes, I know Kat only asked for 1, but by now you should all know that I'm not good at limiting!)

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  1. Good lessons (or reminders:))! Sounds like it was a fabulous trip.

  2. Those are some great life lessons that you learned last month. I also did this prompt this week.

  3. Brandi (@Fitzysmom)September 4, 2014 at 4:33 PM

    I like reminders too! I didn't think that I liked coffee for a long time. Then I tried a peppermint mocha and I've been hooked every since . . . who knew!

  4. I think #2 is my favorite (especially since I hate coffee). I am a ridiculous Pollyanna, having figured out early on that worrying doesn't change a thing.

  5. I'm constantly reminded how worrying does not help a thing yet I keep doing it!

  6. Such a good point about learning a lesson vs. getting a reminder. I tend to "learn lessons" repeatedly which just proves how I need to be constantly reminded and that I actually learn nothing. I try not to worry too, but I feel like when I decided to have kids worry became inevitable.


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