Friday, September 12, 2014


Am I ready?

I look for signs, for guidance, for messages and callings. Is this the time to start to really write my story? To begin the slow and painful process of putting my history into a cohesive reckoning of experiences and feelings?

I entered a memoir contest a couple of weeks ago. I wrote the opening paragraph for my "memoir". I even had a friend help me with editing. It felt good to be stretching my writing muscles for something so specific.

I wrote a post about wanting to write a memoir, and how to deal with legalities. I'm thinking about meeting with an attorney. Is this really happening?

Am I ready?

Is now the time to delve into all those old journals and ramblings on my computer, in my file cabinet, on my blog? Is my psyche ready to open those old wounds yet again and lay them out for others to see?

I don't know. But I do know I'm ready to find out.

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  1. What an adventure, even if it's just the delving stage! Prayers for you as you being the process of memoir - I imagine it will be quite a journey!

  2. Good luck! So great a journey you will have

  3. You are ready to be ready. That is a great place to start. Blessings on your endeavor...from your FMF neighbor.


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