Thursday, September 11, 2014

Aspirations, Goals, and Realism

I had goals for years. I didn't know it, because that's not what I called them. I called them dreams, aspirations, expectations. But they were goals.

The perfect marriage. Perfect husband. Perfect (talented, beautiful, smart) kids. An immaculate, perfectly decorated home. And me. Perfectly dressed, coiffed, and happy -- all the time.

You see the flaw already, don't you? It's ridiculously obvious.

I was a smart girl, but I still bought into the advertising. Anyone who didn't have it all together had no one to blame but themselves.

Look at that commercial. That tiny woman is eating a candy bar. Implying that she eats one everyday. That woman just had a baby last week, and she's back to her pre-baby weight, clothes, life, energy -- as if the pregnancy never happened at all.  Those people eating at the local fast food joint are happy, healthy, and well-dressed. All those kids are happy, obedient, and love going to school while making straight As and being at the top of their chosen sport.

This is not real life!

Real life is a process, not a constant. Real life is messy. It's a continuum. 

So somewhere along the way I readjusted my concept of goals. Goals are things that I have control over. Goals are about me. My goals are no longer based on how other people behave. My goals are mine. Separate and apart from someone else's. That doesn't make them better or worse. That makes them mine.

New goals --

1. Be productive, whatever that means to me on any given day.

2. Be kind -- always.

3. Take care of me so I can take care of others.


5. Love. 

These goals are attainable, maybe not everyday, but most days. And that's good enough for me.

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  1. You are a smart girl - you goals are perfect!

  2. Where did my pretty comment go!?!

  3. Basically I said you're the smartest person ever and I like your new goals better than any of those unattainable unrealistic goals!

  4. Five "perfect" goals...yes, goals are attainable!! I love yours...thanks for sharing them!


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