Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY . . . June 30, 2015

Outside my window . . . it's overcast and muggy. We had rain last night and more is expected today. I'd like to think I might sneak a swim in between storms.

I am thinking . . . about this verse that was shared with me this weekend --
I’m leaping and singing in the circle of your love;
    you saw my pain,
    you disarmed my tormentors,
You didn’t leave me in their clutches
    but gave me room to breathe.
Ps. 31:7-8 (The Message)

I am thankful . . . for the weekend retreat I attended. I was so blessed and it is staying with me and serving me well already.

In the kitchen . . . I made up a new recipe tonight so dh could have something different than a sandwich to take for lunch tomorrow (even though no one was here for dinner tonight!)

I am creating . . . well really completing a summer-weight shawl I started last summer. I stopped when I realized I didn't have enough yarn to complete it. I sat down to frog it a few weeks ago, and my dh told me to just pick another color to add to it. So for now I'm finishing up the yarn I have and then will find another color to finish with.

I am going . . . to keep rereading my notes from the retreat to help the information really sink into my soul.

I am wondering . . . about waiting on God. It seems that I do have faith and trust in God, it is just difficult to stay the course when others doubt.

I am reading . . . Hysterical: Anna Freud's Story by Rebecca Coffey. It's an interesting approach. Rather than being a strict biography, it is written as a fictional memoir. Very intriguing.

I am looking forward to . . . my next spiritual retreat! I've signed up for another one at the Scarritt Bennett Center in July. I love the name: “The Rule of Saint Whatever-Your-Name-Is"! Isn't that fabulous? 

I am hearing . . . silence!

Around the house . . . I'm continuing with my new routine. Tweaking it here and there. I'm also giving myself more grace, regardless of what anyone else says.

I am praying . . . For Wink's family and friends. Also prayers of gratitude for the organizers, presenters, and participants from the retreat.

One of my favorite things . . . is my new deck. We've strung lights on it and I've put out some potted plants. Just enough plants to putter with and no weeding!

A few plans for the rest of the week . . . a relatively quiet week until July 4th celebrations this weekend.

Here's a picture for thought I am sharing . . .
part of The Scarritt Bennett Center

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  1. Thanks for sharing your Simple Woman's Daybook post...managed to get mine done yesterda!! Enjoy reading everyone's approach to it...

  2. Enjoyed reading about your day and it encouraged me to get my lights up on my back porch. Got the plants out there and have the lights but haven't gotten them up as of yet.

  3. "I am wondering . . . about waiting on God. It seems that I do have faith and trust in God, it is just difficult to stay the course when others doubt." INDEED.

    Loved your Daybook entry And I'd like to hear more about the retreat!


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