Friday, February 22, 2013

What Mother Did

She made doll clothes for my first doll ever, and dressed her in them, and sat "Dahlia" on the mantel. I was 17.

She made shortbread cookies that looked like pilgrims. And named them Horace and Eudalia.

She sang hymns with my sister and me in the kitchen while we cooked and cleaned. And put on broadway show albums to sing with while she cleaned the house on Saturday mornings.

She listened to the Braves baseball games on the radio, and scored each game carefully. When we got cable, my dad bought her a small tv to have in the breakfast room so she could watch the games while she cooked and cleaned.

She still sends greeting cards to everyone in her church for each birthday and anniversary, or when someone is sick or there is a death in the family.

She has the loveliest penmanship in the world.

She made clothes and costumes for all us through our growing up years. And then later made clothes for my daughter. 

She bakes bread and shares recipes. She reads her Bible and teaches ladies' classes at her church.

She's a mother.

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  1. What a beautiful image of a mother. I like your line about penmanship. My mom has beautiful penmanship too. I wonder if that comes as part of being a mother?:)

  2. Boy, she is! And does this bring back memories of mine! The sewing of clothes and costumes and doll clothes and all, the singing together in the kitchen... Thanks for the memories!

  3. LOVED reading these precious and beautiful memories that you have of your mother! I have some similar as my mom often loved to sing around the house too! =) THANKS for sharing and giving us a peek into who your mom is.

  4. What a sweet tribute. What a sweet Mama! Thanks for sharing!!


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