Thursday, July 17, 2014

Nice to Meet You

I made a new friend this week. We've met before, but this week I decided it was time to really get to know her.

She's about my age and we have similar backgrounds. She's been through quite a bit and is still working on how to live her life to the fullest.

We talked about childhood and college. We talked about husbands and children, and what this new phase is feeling like. Grown-up kids making life choices and moving out. We have so much in common!

We talked about the hard stuff. I told her about a memory I have from college that is particularly painful, and she helped me see that understanding that might help with some current struggles I'm having. I was surprised at how much it helped just to say it out loud. (You'd think by now I'd know the benefit of that!)

We are planning on staying in touch as much as possible. Making time for regular get togethers and talks. It's difficult in this crazy busy life everyone seems to have, but there are some things -- some people -- you just can't let fall through the cracks.

I've determined that I really need to get to know her better, and that spending more time with her may really help me a lot.

Who is she? She's me. 

The real me. Not the internal voice of reprimands and criticisms, but the real me. The person I am/was when I strip away all the ick I've been trudging through. It's time I got to know her better.

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  1. Yes, we should all know our true selves!

  2. She sounds like a wonderful person to have in your life. :) I definitely feel like there is a part of me deep down who knows how to say exactly what I need to hear sometimes...I'm just really good at ignoring her I think.


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