Friday, September 9, 2011

Feel Good Friday

All right. Five things that made me feel good this week. I can do this, right?

Here goes:
1. Monday -- Labor Day! I did not "labor" at all. It was wonderful! Traditionally I panic on Labor Day and try to finish up all the summer chores that never got done. Not this year. We were covered by Tropical Storm Lee, so I sat on the sofa and watched U.S. Open and crocheted. I made "old-fashioned" hamburgers for us on the griddle instead of the grill. It was really quite lovely.

2. Tuesday -- thought it was Monday all day! Thought it was International Bacon Day -- but no that was actually the Saturday BEFORE Labor Day. Ate bacon anyway. Got a great deal at sneakpeeq on some of my favorite spices from Victoria Gourmet.

3. Wednesday -- I got back on my normal routine and that is always a good thing.

4. Thursday -- my new fall Precepts class met for the first time. Whoo-hoo! I love this class and these ladies! They are the best. We are studying the book of Daniel. History and prophecy -- should be an interesting fall.

5. Friday -- It's free breakfast day at Chick-fil-a! I have a coupon and an appointment for a free bacon egg and cheese biscuit between 8:30 and 9:30 this morning. What's not to feel good about!?!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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  1. there's an international bacon day? poor pigs, lucky me... we WILL be celebrating next year. I crave bacon.

    Labor Day always means students at work... bittersweet vacation day is the official end of summer freedom for me, the class teacher. ::Pout:: Now adventures are on weekends!


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