Friday, September 30, 2011

More to Feel Good about than Last Friday

Last Friday was NOT a Feel Good Friday. (For more details go here.) Today, however, is a Feel Good Friday. Want to know why? Let me tell you.

:: Yesterday morning I hit (and surpassed) 1000 views on my blog for this month. Now maybe for some of you bloggers out there 1000 views doesn't sound that great, but for me it was pretty exciting. I don't know what I average a month, but I do know that until this month my highest count had been 874. So thank you to everyone who clicked on my blog. Keep coming back, and not to sound ungrateful, but I'd love more comments.
:: Dh and I have been helping with the marriage ministry at our congregation for the last little while. Last Sunday we taught the morning class. It just went really well. So well in fact that later in the week I ran into one of the participants in the grocery store and he HUGGED me. I love feeling as if we are helping others and making a difference!
:: I'm feeling better emotionally than I have in a while. I think my hiatus from home last weekend helped a lot (see yesterday's post).
:: I am really enjoying the study of Daniel I am doing on Thursdays. For whatever  reason this study is really piquing my curiosity. Yesterday we did the in-depth study of chapter 1. There is so much information packed into those 21 verses!
:: Finally, we're supposed to have cooler weather this weekend. I love autumn with cool days, sunshine and crisp evenings. It's shawl weather time and that just makes me smile.
Wishing everyone a Feel Good Friday and a lovely weekend!

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  1. So glad you had a better Friday! I find your blog well-written, honest, and REAL. Thank you for sharing, even when I don't think to comment.

    --Mary Lou

  2. Good for you for hitting a milestone!

    I like fall once it's here and there's no going back, but I just can't embrace it coming. We've had very warm weather, still, and I can't say I don't like still wearing tank tops and shorts! Tomorrow is Oct. 1 and I still have tomatoes ripening! That's a first for me!n Chilly nights are great in, oh, like November!


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