Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for:

:: all the quotes that pop up on facebook
sometimes they are silly
sometimes they are trite
but I've decided I need those
silly trite quotes.
I can be a bit cynical and overly serious,
so they help me refocus.

:: phone calls from my dh.
he generally calls me 3 or 4 times
during the day.
it's nice.
he calls to tell me something,
or just to see how my day is going.
and he always tells me he loves me.

:: Precepts Bible study
we are starting back today after our
summer hiatus.
we will be looking at Daniel.
I'm looking forward to the study,
the chatter, the food, and just
hanging out with other ladies who 
love to study the Word.

:: sunshine.
we've had a lot of rain from the tropical
storm remnants over the past several days.
we needed it, so I'm grateful
for the steady rain.
the temperatures are lower as well.
this morning the clouds are breaking up and 
I'm seeing patches of blue and sunshine.
I am always grateful for variety in the 

:: for having a veterinarian in the family.
yesterday dd and I came in to find that
Yaya had eaten all of Etta's thyroid medicine.
actually we didn't know which dog had ingested
how much.
dh's brother is our vet, so dd called him.
we took the dogs over and while he "coerced" 
the dogs into returning the pills,
dd and I went to dinner.
the dogs are fine, although Yaya had
a little bit of an amphetamine rush.
Dr. P took good care of them and stayed calm.
and we got the family discount.

may you find grace, peace, gratitude, 
and blessings this day and every day

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