Wednesday, October 5, 2011

simply ten good things

:: a day of visiting and crocheting with a life long friend

:: pork roast and root vegetables in the crock pot

:: fingerless gloves -- a new self taught skill

:: Earl Grey tea with orange infused raw sugar

:: a hug from my son who towers over me now

:: foot rubs from my husband while watching old tv shows

:: a line of clean jelly jars waiting for new inspiration

:: baskets of yarn waiting to become

:: sweatshirts & socks after months of tank tops & flip flops

:: writing, writing and more writing

"Oh, that feels so good. It brings the pleasure of right now into full clarity for me, planting me here in the now, and fueling me for the day to come.
Now it's your turn. Give it a go if you'd like - simply ten good things!"

Thank you SouleMama


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