Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thankful Thursday --

Thankful Thursday has rolled around again. Last night found us all in a slightly grumpy mood. I've had a virus of some sort since Sunday. Claire has picked it up now. Sam gave blood yesterday, so he came home from school tired and worn out. Alan is essentially working 2 jobs as he tries to get some rental property ready for tenants to move into come November. So really what is there to be thankful for?

I'll tell you . . .

:: I may be sick, but I haven't had to take any time off from work, since I'm a stay at home mom/wife.

:: Claire may be sick too, but she made it to all her classes yesterday and is doing well in them.

:: Sam may have been tired, but he donated blood which will help someone else in their time of need.

:: Alan may be tired from working 2 jobs, but he HAS in 2 jobs and in this economy that is nothing to thumb your nose at. Plus the family who will be renting the condo have a real need. What a blessing that we can help them out.

:: We may all be a little grumpy and down in the dumps, but we all love each other and everyone pitched in last night to get done what had to be done.

may you find grace, peace, gratitude, 
and blessings this day and every day

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  1. It's the little things that means so much!

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Amen my friend... Amen. What a beautiful way to reflect what TT is really all about. Hugs. See you again this Thursday. Lynn


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