Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday

today I find myself in list mode. so here are 5 things I'm thankful for:

1 :: a scorchingly honest post by an acquaintance who is going through hell -- Caring Bridge.

2 :: my ds telling me how adorable the the little boy across the street looked in his Pooh bear sweat shirt -- complete with ears on the hood!

3 :: more and more opportunities to write; to see myself as a writer; to acknowledge that I may have some talent.

4 :: a reminder of who I really am. I found out that one of my abusers has been put on a series of medications to deal with depression and anxiety. he has been having trouble working. my initial (although fleeting) response was glee. what goes around, comes around. almost immediately I found myself just wishing he would get some help. admit what he's done. ask forgiveness, so that his life could be better. all people need forgiveness, but responsibility and admission are part of the equation.

5 :: yarn and crochet patterns. I am finally learning to read crochet patterns after years of scarves and baby blankets. it's much more fun when I can do different designs and stitches. although I may be developing an addiction! LOL!

may you find grace, peace, gratitude, 

and blessings this day and every day

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  1. Knitting is relaxing for me--and I guess that crocheting might be the same for you. Glad that you are enjoying progress with patterns and stitches.

    Keep on writing . . .


  2. Wonderful things to be thankful for. I wish I could crochet, sew or at least make something beautiful out of fabric or yarn :) perhaps I will embark on that one day. Blessings to you have fantastic weekend.

  3. Wow, intense and I went and read the post at Caring Bridge. Indeed, those words will keep our lives in perspective. Thank you


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