Friday, January 10, 2014


Grumpy people. Angry people. Judgmental people. Critical people.

Sometimes I feel I am surrounded by them. I try to fix the situation that is causing those feelings. I take on responsibility for everyone else. 

And then God steps in and reminds me

I've heard it all my life. Don't worry. Worry is a sin. I don't intend to sin. I don't intend to worry.

So I stop and I pray. I pray to see with God's eyes. I pray to give it all to Him. I pray to really trust in Him.

Scared people. Sad people. Insecure people. Worried people.

Now I see.

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  1. Love this, so simple and to the point. How powerful God's word can be when we just listen to Him!

  2. We're so stubborn sometimes. We just need to pray and listen to him. It's so simple but we just keep making it so difficult.


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