Friday, November 14, 2014


It still crops up. Usually when I least expect it. Memory pain. Last night and this morning I had that recurring pain in my leg. I haven't struggled with it in a while, so I immediately began wondering. Trying to figure out a cause. Fussing at myself for hurting again.

It still comes. Pain and memories. I don't seek them out, and sometimes I can't figure out the trigger. And maybe there is no trigger. Maybe it's just part of the reality of surviving the abuse. It becomes a mind race of sorts. Don't let the pain throw me back into old coping mechanisms. Don't start berating myself for things that aren't (never were) my fault.

So I am reminded again of that phrase that my counselor has used and that I have read too many times to count. Be still and sit with the pain. Don't panic. Don't run from it. Accept it. And in my stillness the pain may not subside, but it doesn't increase. Deep breathing. Being still. Accepting. These are all good things. Things I can do. Reminders it is not my fault. Not then and not now.

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  1. Just keep sitting in the stillness and pray/meditate...and I pray the pain eases up just a little - or even a lot! It is NOT your fault!!! Keep reminding yourself of that!!

  2. Wow, Melanie. Your words have sunk down deep this morning. Thank you for sharing your heart, and know there are prayers surrounding your healing.

  3. This is very powerful Melanie. I pray that in your stillness you will find peace and that the pain from the past will lessen it's icy grip. Rosanne

  4. Thanks for sharing your pain and your counselor's wise words. I'm praying for you!

  5. Oh, my friend, I can't even imagine. May God come near you in your pain as you sit with it and realize that it doesn't get worse, may he give you the assurance that you need to form new habits of coping--crawling into his lap and resting in stillness.


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