Friday, November 21, 2014


Every year it sneaks up on me. Every year I promise myself I'll do a better job. Every year it happens again.

Pre-holiday depression. It's not like it used to be. I can get up and get moving, but there is less order and little joy in the things I'm doing. Then come the recriminations. The negative self-talk. Listing my failures. Berating myself for not being HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY all the time.

This year I caught it a bit earlier. This year I acknowledged it, and called it what it is. This year I said, "I remember who I was when walked into your office all those years ago, and I have come so far. I am so much better." I took credit for the growth and healing of the past years.

Yesterday I wrote about taking care of myself. I made a list and put it out in the blog-o-sphere for a bit of accountability. I can preach it all really well, but putting it into practice can be very difficult. 

This year I noticed much earlier, and I've made a plan. Maybe with a plan I can notice other things this holiday season, and in the noticing find a bit a more joy.

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  1. Your vulnerability and resolve are a beautiful combination in this post. I pray that the peace of Jesus will wrap around you this holiday season.

    1. Thank you. Sharing in the hope that it will help others :)

    2. Wanted to comment on your FMF Ruth, but didn't see a comment box? I really liked what you had to say. :0

  2. Praying for you to have joy! I struggle with similar things. <3

  3. How wise you are to notice and be able to verbalize it. I feel it too.


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