Monday, November 10, 2014


I had one of those weekends. No, not the awful ones. This was one of the good ones. No everything wasn't perfect, and my house didn't look as if Martha Stewart were visiting. But that was okay, because my kids were there and everyone was happy and relaxed (and tired), and we all got along.

Let's start at the beginning of the weekend. 

I went with one of my besties to see another bestie in a play that opened Friday night. This had the potential to be unpleasant on one level, because my parents came along. I just never know how interactions with my parents will go, but I knew it was a show they'd be interested in seeing.

LB and I grabbed a quick sandwich and picked my parents up. After getting lost once, we made it to the show and ran into a few people we knew. The show was wonderful, and CCD was fabulous (really the best!). My parents enjoyed the show and apparently enjoyed meeting and greeting afterwards. 

After we dropped them off at their house, LB said, "That's just sad." I had am moment of panic, before she completed her thought -- "They treat you and me exactly the same. It's like we're 2 people they know and they're a nice old couple we took to a play." That's it in a nutshell with my parents, they aren't mean or hateful, they just don't offer any intimacy. Oddly, that was a helpful conversation.

On Saturday morning, LB arrived at my house bright and early to pick me up for Presents with a Purpose. We got our table set up and had plenty of time to chat and crochet while shoppers came and went. We sold quite a bit, raising nice bit of change for Youthreach International. Dh stopped by and bought me a t-shirt from The Well as it was very hot in the store and I was wearing a sweater. 

By the time I got home I had a crushing headache. Dh and ds had gone climbing so I crashed on the sofa after taking some Advil. Later when they came in, dh suggested dinner and movie as we had missed our usual Friday night date night. We went to a local bar/burger joint and had a tasty burger and fries followed by a lovely baked apple dessert with extra ice cream. Although dh would have preferred even more ice cream. We did a bit of shopping between dinner and the movie, getting dh some new pants and socks. (We lead a very exciting life!) Then it was off to Big Hero 6. Yes, it's Disney's latest kid movie, and yes it was wonderful. And no we weren't the only grown-ups sans kids in the theater.

Sunday morning was a good worship service with family communion tables and interesting stories including a Patti Smith story. (The lesson can be heard here). After worship, dh and I stopped by the store for a few items I needed for dinner.

We spent a pleasant afternoon, helping ds with a paper and making soup, banana pudding, and cornbread for dinner. Dd and her roommate showed up and we all sat around eating, telling stories, and laughing. 

I rounded out the evening by watching part of the Green Bay massacre of Chicago (NFL for the disinterested readers). 

It was a good weekend.  A bit busy, but filled with good things and time with some of my favorite people.

Happy Monday!


  1. Doesn't a refreshing weekend make all the difference to a Monday?!? Nice to hear yours was blessed.

  2. We had a wonderFULL weekend as well. My heart is full of wonder and awe at His goodness.

  3. I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend.


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