Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Simple Woman

FOR TODAY . . . November 18, 2014

Outside my window . . . the sky is a brilliant blue. My neighbor's sugar maple is still holding onto a few orange leaves. It is 18 degrees!

I am thinking . . . about this quote my bestie sent me --

I am thankful . . . a warm home and lots of hot tea!

In the kitchen . . . I'm enjoying the return to warming food -- breakfast casserole, hot fruit compote, chili, grits and tomatoes

I am wearing . . . my homemade cotton gown, flannel robe, and a shawl.

I am creating . . . a new afghan, just because! I'm using this pattern from Attic 24, and a lovely set of DK yarn from Stylecraft.

I am going . . . to therapy, then lunch, and home to do home-y things all afternoon.

I am wondering . . . if there is something to be done about my winter sinus headaches. I seem to wake each day with a pounding headache. I run a humidifier, drink lots of water, and follow the allergist's instructions, but I'm still getting daily headaches. Arrrgghh!

I am reading . . . Wicked Autumn (Max Tudor #1) by  G.M. Malliet. I was hoping for another good mystery series, but I'm not really enjoying this one too much. I'll finish it up, but then move on to something else.

I am looking forward to . . . a warming trend toward the end of the week. We don't usually have these kind of temperatures until January or February, so it's been difficult adjusting from 50s and 60s to 20s and 30s.

I am hearing . . . the hum of electricity and the wheezing of the dog. 

Around the house . . . I'm trying to get into a better routine with day to day cleaning. I never would have imagined that after 29 years of marriage, I'd be struggling with finding a good, consistent routine for housework.

I am praying . . . for peaceful holidays for everyone. 

One of my favorite things . . . is colorful yarn. I'm loving this new project because it is all about the color.

A few plans for the rest of the week . . . therapy today, yoga class tomorrow, and Bible study on Thursday (if I can get myself there!). The weekend is pretty clear except for shopping for annual Thanksgiving food drive at church. Don't want to forget to fill those bags!

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing . . . 
today my father in law would have been 82.
Happy birthday, Byron!

and Squeaker turns 15!

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  1. Sounds like you have a lot to do today! Have you tried using a Netti Pot for your sinuses? I think that's what it's called--basically, you use a squeeze bottle to shoot warm salt water up your nostrils--it cleans out the sinuses and helps moisturize the nasal passages. Ok, that's just a gross description for so early in the morning--but it works!

    1. Unfortunately I have tried the Neti pot and it doesn't seem to have much impact :(
      Thanks for the suggestion though.

  2. I love Attic 24's ideas. I've never managed to complete one of her projects, but they're so pretty to look at. I'm currently enjoying our cold weather because I can actually work on a big crochet project without sweating. :)

    1. Looking at Lucy's blog just makes me smile. I have only done a couple of her patterns, but I feel oh so very accomplished when I complete one.

  3. Melanie, you post reminds me to notice the beauty and joy around me and to be mindful of all I have to be thankful for. Your positivity is no doubt a blessing to everyone around you.

    My son suffers from sinus headaches. Recently his doctor put him on a medrol dose pack (short burst of steroids) It worked wonders! Hope you will find relief from your discomfort.

    1. Interestingly I've been seeing the chiropractor for a a few days and that is helping considerably. I try to stay away from steroids as I have a bad reaction to them, but have to use them occasionally in dealing with asthma flares.

  4. I had the headache sinus infection last winter for 4 months. It finally took a steroid shot and antibiotics to get it to go away. I hope you have much better luck than I did and I love your knitting colors. Beautiful!

    1. That is miserable! Feeling much better today thanks to the chiropractor -- who knew!

  5. Hello Melanie, I am happy to meet you and I think that you are so brave. Having a blog where you help others by sharing your story is very admirable and takes so much courage . . . Bravo! 0
    I hope that you fine a cure for your sinus headaches, they can be very painful. I love the afghan that you are making. The colors and the pattern are beautiful. This is the best time of year for needle work and one of the best parts of being cooped up inside when the cold winds blow. I would love to invite you over to my blog and maybe you will even decide to follow me back. I'm retired, a wife, mother and grandmother who enjoys life and Jesus.
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Your newest blogging sister,
    Connie :)

    1. Welcome and thank you for your kind words. I am happy if sharing helps others, because it has certainly helped me. I am feeling better from the sinus pain. I feel so grateful for everyone's encouraging words. I'll check out your blog ASAP!


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