Wednesday, September 12, 2012

:: 10 good things

It's always a good idea to stop and consider the good things in my life . . . 

1 :: hummingbirds regularly visiting my feeder

2 :: antibiotics to clear up an infection that was really dragging me down

3 :: a new yoga class with my bestie, ccd. the instructor is 79 and the oldest member in the class is 86

4 :: the change in season. i love waking up to cooler temperatures and sipping my tea with the door wide open

5 :: watching my husband enjoy setting up his new computer. it's been nearly 12 years since he's had a new desktop

6 :: a good, relaxing talk with dd last night about beliefs, love, God, and people

7 :: riding with the top down in my Fiat

8 :: opening up those coloring books again. a fine way to de-stress when things are getting a little crazy

9 :: a new afghan pattern that I really like and it moves quickly

10 :: sharing my life, good and bad, with friends irl and through blogging



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