Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thankful Thursday #35

I've been thinking about other Christians a lot lately -- not individually, but collectively. I was talking with a young woman who is struggling with faith and what to believe, and how often she's been let down by those professing Christianity. I reminded her to read the Bible to learn the true character of God. We can learn only so much from other Christians about God. Yes, we are made His image, and yes, we are to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this world, but we are imperfect representations. Other Christians will let us down, and we will let them down.

The flip side of this dilemma is our need for "skin-on" God relationships. We need, even crave, interaction with others who bring God into our lives through touch, talk, action, and prayer. I see so many wounded people who seem compelled to handle it all by themselves. I understand. I was there once. It is a scary thing to show your need and vulnerability to others, but oh what a blessing it can be!

I have a quote hanging on my refrigerator --
Time heals only those wounds
 that are shared and understood.

My husband put it this way --

Isn't it odd how if you're not 
feeling emotionally well
 and you need to talk to people, 
you don't want to talk to people. 
So, if you don't want to talk to anyone, 
just want you to know, I'm there for you.

I challenge you today to do 2 things. Open yourself up to share and understand (not solve) someone else's pain, and thank someone who's been there for you. If you haven't tried sharing, I strongly encourage you to, because you might just be surprised.

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  1. I learned that my relationship with my Lord is private but yes, I love to discuss HIm with family and friends. I love to worship with others but also privately. Being their for others is always a must. God is so good.


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