Thursday, November 22, 2012

Change in Plans

And so it's Thanksgiving.

Not the way I had it planned. Last Sunday was the dog's birthday. Thirteen years old, and she suddenly couldn't use her back legs. A trip to the vet to find that she has inflamed disks in her back. So now she's on a series of medications and crate rest for 2 weeks.

Baking and planning. Cooking off and on all week long.

Tuesday night as we're heading off to bed, dh finds that the bathtub faucet won't shut off completely. Tired frustration. Dh turns off the hot water for the night, and plans to check it out in the morning.

Wednesday morning dh goes to turn off the water to the house and finds the meter hole filled with water. He calls the water department. They say 3 to 5 days for them to come and check it out.

He leaves to get parts to fix the bathtub faucet. About 20 minutes later, a water department guy shows up at the front of the house. I chat with the repairman. He is friendly and willing to wait until dh returns.

Suddenly pieces are falling into place. Dh fixes the tub faucet. The water guy fixes the meter. We are back on track.

Dd gets up. Deep sinus infection. Ds comes home from college. Strange rash on his torso. So a trip to the minute clinic, that lasts 2 hours. Dd feels terrible. We meant to leave 2 hours ago for our 4 hour drive to see family. What should we do? What's the best plan? We hem and haw. Looking at options.

Plans change. But gratitude remains. Whether we are physically with family or not, it is still Thanksgiving. We are grateful for all the gifts of the year. We are grateful for family and friends. We are grateful for everything -- even changes in plans.

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