Friday, November 16, 2012


Don't leave me alone.

When I took those vows years and years ago, I knew they were serious, and I knew I meant them. But I was worried I might not be able to stay the course if something terrible happened to him. Some immobilizing accident or illness.

It never occurred to me that I might be the one with illness. That he might have to be the one to stay through the really hard things.

And when I first told him about the horrors, he said, "That explains so much. This is good. We can work with this."And he vowed again that he would stay.

And every time I asked him why he didn't leave, he looked at me and said, "Where would I go?" The therapist said, "He wouldn't leave if you had cancer." But this is different. He didn't sign on for this.

So he has stayed. Not perfectly. Not always with the right words. But never begrudgingly. Always because he loves me and vowed -- "For better or worse".

He didn't leave me alone.

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