Thursday, April 18, 2013

Advil Is My Friend

About this time each year I begin a new morning routine. In addition to breakfast and my regular one pill, I add 3-4 more -- a Sudafed and 2 or 3 Advil. It's allergy season!

I love springtime. I love the blooming flowers and trees. The new growth of green grass and bushes. I love the house wide open, and the sound of mowers and weed-eaters wafting through the windows. 

What I don't love is the sinus headache that comes and stays. 

The first time I ever had a sinus headache, I thought I was dying. It had to be a brain tumor. That was the only thing that could possibly explain this level of pain! I mentioned, fearfully, to a co-worker this terrible pain. She asked a few questions, and then laughed and said, "Welcome to Memphis in springtime. You've got a sinus headache."

I grew up in Nashville with nary a sinus headache. Lots of sneezing and coughing and even some wheezing to be sure, but never this.

Five years later, we moved back to Nashville. The sinus headaches moved with us. Maybe it had nothing to do with Memphis. Maybe it was inevitable. I still blame Memphis.

For now each morning after I finish my tea, I get another big glass of water and knock back those pills. Occasionally I do it again in the afternoon. Thankfully this stretch is usually a short one. 

So it's either those little pills or nothing gets done in the spring. So pardon me if I rattle as I walk by.

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