Thursday, April 11, 2013

imperfect prose on thursdays: standing firm

There are moments in marriage that are just so tough. Like watching my husband on the phone with his father, trying to get him to agree to 24/7 care in his home. Because he is dying, and we don't want him to die alone.

Hearing my husband yell into the phone, "You're not doing fine, dad! Your not!" And watching him break down sobbing because his father is making it so difficult to do this one small thing for him.

Watching my husband calm himself as his father finally agrees . . . at least temporarily. And then sitting on the sofa, rubbing his back, staring out at the waves on the beach, and knowing that this brief get away is going to end earlier than expected, because he needs to be back at home with his dad.

So we pack everything up, and as he loads the car, I stand on the balcony looking down at the beach as the waves crash, while a storm moves in, and I see the sand castle we built that morning still standing firm in the face of wind and waves. I cry at the thought of leaving it behind. Knowing all the while that it remains in my mind as a picture of this life, this marriage, this husband of mine -- standing firm in the face of wind and waves crashing all around us.

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  1. So well written! And how sad

  2. Beautifully written, and the Strength of that caring response shines through and makes a lump in my throat.

  3. I went to a psychic one time and the person that had passed on gave me this advice. "Make decisions based on what you need to do." I think this advice is what all responsible adults have to do, whether it came from the great beyond or not.

  4. What a beautiful write! So sorry for this difficult time with elderly parents...I've certainly had to live through that.

  5. this is so poignant. it is so hard to watch our men suffer. but together, we stand.


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