Friday, April 19, 2013


I have a friend who took "jumping" pictures of her family for an entire year. Jumping at home -- at work -- on vacation -- at camp -- everywhere they went she made them jump.

Last summer she jumped from a cliff into the lake and seriously injured her back. No more jumping for her now that her back is held in place with steel rods. Still plenty of walking, but no more jumping.

I wonder if she regrets any of that jumping? Knowing her I doubt it seriously. All those pictures of her and her husband and their kids jumping for an entire year, well they're worth even more now. 

And it all makes me stop and think, what am I not doing because I'm afraid it might go wrong? 

If I go out and jump, and have a great time, does the one time it went wrong -- horribly wrong -- negate all those good jumps?

I don't think so. Because otherwise we'd all be living in padded rooms, or one of those giant bubbles. And it's really hard to interact surrounded by all that protection.

So I'm going to jump -- a little -- and worry less about the landing. Because I don't want isolation and padding anymore.

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  1. You summed up my thoughts on a few big "jumps" i need to make right now. Regardless of the out comes of a few bad jumps I stool have the good ones...guess I should stop dragging Mt feet this week! :)

  2. Dear Melanie
    Although I am sorry to hear about your fiend's I jury, I don't think that it will ever be able to hamper her obvious zest for life. Yes, dear one, who wants to live a padded life!!
    Ma from FMF


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