Friday, April 5, 2013


After I told my therapist about what I'd remembered, he promised me it would be okay.

After I told him, I felt almost euphoric.

There was an answer, an explanation.

After I told my husband, he cheered because we could fix this.

After I told him, he cried with me for what was lost.

I felt relief, and deep sadness simultaneously.

After I told my parents, they sat and stared at me.

After I told them, they didn't come to me.

My dad even made a joke.

After I told the specialist, she said, "I believe I can help you."

After I told her, I felt that I had taken charge of my healing.

I vowed to stay with it until the bitter end.

After years of dealing with flashbacks, panic attacks, support, and rejection, I'm seeing my true self.

After years of hiding and trying to make everyone else happy, I'm seeing that I can only make me happy.

So I'm stepping out again, while wondering what this "after" will bring.

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