Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hurt Child

Inspiration comes from unexpected places. Recently I was commenting on another blog. The "captcha" at the bottom was "1703 hrtchild". And I saw "hurt child". And I knew I had neglected my initial concept of dedicating this month's blogging to Child Abuse Awareness Month/Sexual Abuse Awareness Month.

I started out with good intentions. I wrote a few posts about understanding terminology, what PTSD recovery looks like, and about things survivors wish others understood about us. 

Then life got in the way. Family health struggles. A mini-vacation that failed (almost epically). Sleep deprivation. All those real life issues that can set aside best laid plans.

Hurt child.

That's really what this month of awareness is about. Millions of children around the world who fall into that category.

Hurt child.

Children all over the nation. In my state. In my city. My neighborhood. My house. Me.

Hurt child.

And I am reminded of all the belittling that was done to my pain and confusion. Often by people who claimed to love me. But I'm also reminded of the belittling I've done to others because I couldn't or wouldn't try to understand their pain.

We are all of us hurt children. Whether through abuse and/or neglect in physical, emotional, or spiritual form. We all crave acceptance and love and the tender expression of those emotions. 

Awareness is an oft used term. Awareness is about seeing and being seen. About really looking and listening. To the hurt and pain in a child's eyes. To posture. To the way a child or person talks about themselves. 

See them. See us. See me. Recovery is possible, but how much better to eliminate the abuse before it ever happens. And if it happens, to respond with awareness and love and appreciation. To build us all up to be true children of God instead of the hurt child.

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