Friday, August 10, 2012


I want to connect.
I want to feel the "click" as camaraderie is found.
I want to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that these people get me 
-- want to continue getting me.

I struggle with connecting.
I struggle with trusting that "click" I hear is really camaraderie.
I struggle with the realization that these people may let me down.

I need to learn how to connect.
I need to be open to accepting a faint "click" as enough.
I need to accept that there is a time for certain connections
-- they don't all have to last forever.

I will work on connecting.
I will open myself up to more possibilities.
I will take the risk.


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  1. Thank you for such an honest look at connection. It's so beautiful, but yes, also painful. I've just moved to Germany (four days ago?) and am exactly in the shoes of your "voice"... trying to reach out and connect with others, make new friends, help my children make new friends... wondering what is "just being nice" and what is genuine... thanks for speaking so perfectly into my situation... and I'm sure the situation of many others!

  2. Beautiful. I'll have to remember how you described this when I work with my kids at work who struggle with trusting others as well. Well written.

  3. Marcy, I can't imagine being in a new culture like that so I admire you and envy your courage. My mother was from Austria and I never really clicked with my family over there. I never learned much German and never felt at home with my European cousins but I love it there and part of my heart will always be in the mountains there and the glass lakes, the wonderful breads and chocolate... ah. Anyway, hoping you find opportunities to click with lots of folks (seems like that most often happens over a beer or glass of (Oh, nice post Melanie). : >


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