Monday, August 20, 2012

August Joy Dare #1

"Enter the password: 'Thank you!" . . . Thank Him. Worship Him!
--Psalm 100:4

August 13th -- 3 gifts green
1. grass watered by a late summer storm
2. the polka dot plant on my desk
3. sticky note reminders

August 14th -- a gift in a ring, curve, sphere
1. a new ring to remind me of good things
2. the arch of my arm as I swim laps
3. the beauty of blueberries

August 15th -- 3 gifts ugly-beautiful
1. recognizing and reconciling difficult things
2. improving from a virus
3. exhaustion from hard emotional activities

August 16th -- 3 gifts of family
1. getting to "choose" your family
2. laughter
3. understanding

August 17th -- 3 gifts in the morning
1. productivity
2. peace
3. kindness

August 18th -- a gift red, read, written
1. the hummingbird feeder

August 19th -- 3 gifts in church
1. thoughts from Thomas Merton
2. old hymns
3. refreshment of my soul

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  1. Once we begin counting blessings, we can't help but feel joyful. I've been thanking God for productivity already this morning. I'll take spurts of energy anytime it's offered!


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