Friday, August 3, 2012


Here is supposed to be the place of calm and acceptance.
Here is home.
But what if everything inside of you is so tangled, that even here there is no peace, no calm, no feeling of acceptance?
Right now here is not where I long to be.
Right now I'm holding out for Sunday when I get to go there. All the tangle will go with me, but all the people won't.
I'm going there with the hope of untangling some of the stuff inside of me, so that when I come back to my people here I can be fully present -- living in the moment with them. Feeling peace and calm and acceptance.
Here is where my true family is. My husband of nearly 27 years. My daughter of 22 who is a senior in college and will be moving out and into her own life soon. My son of 19 who leaves for college in just a few weeks.
Here is my port in the storms of life, but lately I can't seem to keep the storms from hitting this little port. So I'm taking my storm away from here for just a little break, and hoping to bring some sunshine back to the people I love here.

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  1. I have a hard time looking toward the future when things will be the way they should be. Instead, I need to focus on being here now and making today all it can be, especially with my family.

  2. It's hard to get away from here when we take our own here with us! I hope and trust Jesus will meet you in your here and now and refresh your heart!


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